Arrow into red line overload

I decided that Bull’s Eye is drawn in red on the RD because it symbolises the danger zone… how poetic that it’s merely the solution to crossed lines!

Anton leading that renegade roof!

Top Gun’s soundtrack was on repeat in my head… Riaan pointed out the brown hawk on the other side of Africa rivine with Maverick crag and its inverted steps looming in the distance. Nature facilitates freedom… it’s all about life and space. Water is flowing down the Left Arrow buttress as if it’s a commodity in excess and the Spring Watsonias and ‘sterretjies’ are starting to emerge!

Before the highway to the Danger Zone

Riaan lead, Anton cleaned up ahead of me and I held up the rear on the 1st pitch of Bullshoot. Anton lead the final pitch and I trusted my first foot jam after a previous bad experience of not being able to retrieve my foot while falling!

Trusting that natural support

A pretty, white crag, baking in the sun and  trustworthy rails that you can get a handle on while smearing to your heart’s content!

I waited in a spiderman squat, straddling the arete on a miniature ledge; next to Anton who was on a hanging belay, with a view to die for. As Riaan followed, he was scoping out his next lead, not taking anything  for granted. Paying attention to detail is key! The walk-off alongside the ravine was beyond beautiful.

The guys became silent as they considered the journey to Bull’s Eye.

Two-finger pocket FTW!

Riaan lead that sustained crack as we held our breath!

The bold and the beautiful

Riaan scaled a beautiful crux which I decided is reserved for the Robin Hood’s of the world. Based on the volume of the grunts, Farewell to Arms is actually easier than Bull’s Eye.

Further on the edge…

Anton followed the first pitch with stylish technique.

Then the move I had not seen coming! Anton wasted no time on lead, with a solid foot jam and a horizontal push across that ceiling.

Riaan Top Gun in space

Living in techni-colour beats a life of fear any day! This is reality, if you let it in.

On the walk out, we helped dozens of lost hikers who were heading up the mountain in the late afternoon : dressed in purple slippers; uncomfortable high-heeled boots and without any water. Never a dull moment on this Wonder of the World!